Asian Escort Ladies


At Escorts, we understand that everyone’s taste is different. What some men find attractive, others might not. Of course, there is the ‘classical’ beauty which all of our girls possess, but some men desire a little more in the way of specifics.

Some men prefer their ladies to have a few curves, while some men like their partners to be as petite as possible. Some men prefer more mature ladies, while some like their escorts to be youthful and new on the scene.

However, one of the most common preferences in the UK today is a penchant for Asian ladies.

Luckily for any gentlemen with a desire for more Oriental girls, we currently boast a handful on our roster. But the question remains: why do men like Asian ladies so much?

Aside from them being incredibly beautiful, there’s no one simple answer. However, recent research suggests that Asian women are incredibly desired due to our cultural perception of them.

It’s no secret that Asian women possesses a natural, innocent beauty about themselves. They are often regarded as delicate, feminine ladies who still maintain the age-old characteristics of being a ‘good wife’ to their partners. However, although these stereotypes are no longer accurate, this belief is ingrained into some Western men’s subconscious that it manifests in the form of an attraction to Asian ladies.

In reality, most men know that these are simply out-dated stereotypes. Asian women are as unique as any other women. While some may be delicate, feminine angels, there’s just as many Asian women who are the total opposite. However, because of our preconceptions, this makes them desirable in our minds.

The classic image of an Asian beauty is a slim, delicate figure with gorgeous black hair down to her waist. She has incredibly feminine features and carries herself with an elegance rarely seen in the Western world.

And there’s the thing. Because Asian girls are somewhat of a rarity in Western culture (at least in comparison to Caucasians), they’re somewhat striking to the majority of males. When something stands out from the crowd due to its beauty, we tend to stop and take notice.

This, combined with the classic image which we perceive Asians to have, is perhaps the biggest reason why Asian escorts are becoming incredibly popular in not just London, but the whole country.

There’s also a notion that Asian ladies are committed in a way which Western women aren’t. Asian families place a lot of emphasis on their culture, their academic advancements and their families. This instils the belief that Asian women are very respectful of the people close to them. How many times have you seen women openly disrespect their partners? Maybe through infidelity or purposeful embarrassment? It’s a very common occurrence in the UK. Although, in Asia, it’s incredibly rare.

This is another facet which makes Western men attracted to Asian women. While it may still be a stereotype of sorts, it’s a cultural belief that Asian women should be entirely respectful of their partner at all times, and vice versa. It’s an old tradition which is slowly disappearing in Western countries, but Asia still manages to pull it off with grace and respectfulness.

While there’s currently only three Asian beauties on our roster as of the time of writing, our selection is steadily growing. For anyone in the Notting Hill Gate area, the irresistible Suri might be the girl you’ve been waiting your whole life for. She’s a massage specialist from Thailand who just so happens to be spellbindingly gorgeous.

Any Earl’s Court locals can consider themselves lucky to be within a few miles radius of the delectable Aisana. Although she was born and raised in Russia, she has an Asian heritage which is clear from her natural, feminine beauty.

Similarly, the beautiful Linda comes from a similar background. Now based in the South Kensington region, this mature beauty has all the skills necessary to keep you coming back for more.

Of course, these are only some of the reasons Asian escort Ticino are increasing in popularity. In many cases, it has nothing to do with their origins and everything to do with the fact that they’re gorgeous, charismatic individuals with a lot to offer. Whatever the reason for their popularity, you can rest assured that booking an evening with one of our three gorgeous Asian escorts will be a date night you won’t forget. As with every girl on our books, they’re professional and discreet, so you can be assured that you’ll be treated with the utmost respect. Don’t wait around. If you happen to be craving some company tonight, drop us a line through our online form of by our mobile number. You won’t regret it.

Date: October 2, 2020